Power Banks

Promotional Power Banks Customized with your logo


Power banks are a great promotional item. They can be a useful and professional corporate gift or a unique option to make your company memorable at trade shows. Customized Power banks can be a great gift for students with your school's mascot on them. Choose from our economical slim metal models, solar-powered battery banks, or lightweight plastic, you’re sure to find the perfect option. Ask about our optional illumination features!

With the ever changing advancements in technology, everyone carries around some kind of electronic device. These electronic devices need power, and Gelbertgift has many unique custom power bank options to choose from. These useful inventions allow you to conveniently charge on the go. Promotional power banks are sleek and stylish and can be printed with your company’s logo and tagline. Every time someone uses a power bank personalized with your logo, they’ll think of you and your organization.

Add more value to your customized power banks with custom printed cable adapters. Our cable adapter accessories allow you to charge Android, IPhones, tablets, digital cameras, GPS devices and handheld game/MP3 players. The zipper and heavy duty cables offer dual adapters for the Android and IPhone 5/6. The multiple cable adapters have the capability of charging the IPhone4, IPhone5/6 or Android.

Power Banks

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