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credit card usb flash drive

Card shape USB flash drive applying to a variety of professions:

    Card-type USB flash drive can provide personalized customization services. Users can use a memorable photo for external printing with ultra-high-definition 3D color printing patterns. Commonly the capacity is 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, while different capacity has different, the higher the capacity has, the higher the price is. The USB disk, as a corporate gift in the market, is very competitive.

3D color printing your logo credit card usb flash drive 1gb to 64GB

Stylish and elegant, leather-covered USB flash drives are an unexpected way to bring luxury into your office. Perfect for the executive and durable enough for everyday use.

    Enterprise card: corporate image and product promotion. A thin, short business card provides you a vivid and detailed introduction to the company's organizational structure, business philosophy, product services and related businesses, which can help you grasp the e-era industry trends in the fast-changing business field quickly!

    Digital business cards: business card USB disk: digital business card is not only a business card, but also a full-featured flash memory card. When giving this card, the card inside attaches a detailed description.

    Theme card: manufacturers promotional gifts, the company souvenirs, brand products, and holiday promotions. on account of different themes and planning content, card type USB flash memory arouses consumers' interest to love it and collect it, and increases products of exposure, so there is no doubt that business card is the best advertising new media.

When it comes to the card type USB memory stick, it gives the first impression is the ultra-thin technology and exquisite workmanship, but it also has superior portability, placed in the wallet, like a credit card, or even feeling the presence of it. In addition, its ABS material makes the texture beyond imagination. Typical business profile, highlights the rational and wise personality. Mass storage of data makes its value exceed any credit card in your wallet.

Card-type USB disk as a corporate gift can realize the followings:

1. It can print personalized pictures on the USB flash drive to strength the enterprise propaganda, which has a strong advertising effect.

2. It is the necessities of office, and easy to carry,  with the feature that the high exposure, frequency is relatively strong.

3. It can allow your customers in the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years or even longer time to remember you are his business partner and your brand.

4. USB disk can copy promotional materials and video, and can automatically play the video, but the customer can not delete it, so you can do the active and passive repeat advertising.

5. Owing the USB flash drive, you can save the promotion budget for your company. How could you think that such a small USB disk can be a automatic machine in customer development?

Our USB flash drive family features:

First, capacity has passed the test of H2 software, there is no false capacity, if happens, we will bear the freight to exchange the goods. 

Second, our USB memory does not carry any virus, if you use our product USB driver, making  your computer damaged, we will return double fund for compensation.

Third, for short-term cooperation, we can guarantee warranty for 1 to 3 years, if a long-term business cooperation, we can provide you with quality assurance services for 5 to 10 years.

credit card usb flash drive

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